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we are proud to say that we have one of the best product that can ever be found in the country, not just in the region where we match from which is the north eastern part of Nigeria but the country as earlier stated, because we can boastfully say that our products are built on fresh raw material that has not been preserved or stored for as long as possible do to mass productions, that at the end of the day quality is altered like it is been practice by most other companies, thereby depriving consumers of the full nutritional value they supposed to drive from consuming such products.

Black Tea

We ensure we bring you the best in everything including your favourite black tea

Green Tea

What are you looking for, can you identify it when you come across it?


For your pleasure we bring you the very value for both your time and money. what more?

Best for all season

We bring you the variety to make your choice, best fit for your season and need for refreshment, carefully and ensuring that you are well served because your satisfaction remains our utmost concern every single day in business here at SahanaDiva

Our clients thought

In other words, we can be proud to say that in less time coming, when the consumers realize the value of what we are offering them on their tables as beverage, they will undisputedly make our products a top priority in their scale of preference and choices for building healthy fitness diets and sound mind.

Really tasty, i love it

Janet Baker


Can i have a cup for mre please!!!

Michael Jones


It will take a lot to have such quality on the table, but you just made it this easy. thank you.

Roger Reyes


When sales comens fully 20% discount

Black tea, green tea, powdered coffee and roasted coffee which comes in different grams and sizes and also offers Unique services in the aspect of orders Apart from the usual sizes made available.